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Would you Like To Be Friends?

I just watched this beautiful video online. (See below).

Not only did it soften my heart, but it also reminded me of a compliment I got from someone a few weeks ago on holidays.

I was told I have lovely children, who are not afraid to actively make friends, include everyone, and are very polite.

To be honest, I was surprised. As a parent you are so busy with everything they do wrong, that you quickly overlook the good qualities.

We do readily replace positive feelings with negative ones. We do not always do so consciously, as one cannot control what pops up into one's mind. What we do with those thoughts, is what matters.

We can choose to disregard the negative ones, and let the positive ones through. However, that's not always the preferred choice.

Our pre-suppositions usually dictate how we respond to feelings or thoughts, and this takes practice to control.

Our children have different filters. In most cases, these will be quite black and white.

Those of us with children are familiar with the scolding we receive when we break the rules we try to enforce upon them ourselves.

Some pretty straight-forward questions are asked in below video. It's awesome to see how the adults respond.

Would you respond differently? Would you like to become friends?

#GoodManners #Behaviour #Behavior #Mannerism #Tolerance #Confidence #teaching #Mindfulness #NeuroLinguisticProgramming #Curiosity

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