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Agree to no Degree?

Bachelor's Degree

I decided a few months ago I would finish up the degree course I started in 2007. I've been doing okay with work so far, even though I've had many prospective or current employers wonder why I didn't have a degree.

When I started my first teaching job in 2005 I got paid a ridiculously low amount for working 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. I didn't mind at all. I had newly arrived in the city, my wife worked full time, and I was bored.

From that first job flowed several private students, and when I left the teaching center I hooked up with a service provider as well.

I got my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), and even became VP of the company for a short time.

However, I missed the experience, and of course I was given some difficult clients, which did not improve my rep.

Either way, I should not have taken on the job, and gathered more knowledge before getting into managing.

It did leave me with much practice on how NOT to manage, and from this I learned quite a bit.

I was able to turn that into a positive experience, and build on that.

It did make me popular for other companies because of the course managing, and one of my specialties became creating courses for teaching Phonics, General English, Cambridge English, Business English, etcetera.

I was still not educationally qualified for all this, but experience talked the talk.

Now, about 7 years later, I decided I would get educationally qualified. It still doesn't make me an expert but according to LinkedIn I am, in my field.

They might be right, however, one doesn't get through the first selection without a degree.

Now that that will be solved, I will continue to obtain qualifications, certificates and degrees.

You haven't heard the last of me yet....

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