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Stamps and Stickers

I used to bring stickers and stamps to all and any classes; often to placate students and, of course, to brighten up their day.

They would ask for a stamp or sticker in a full sentence, beginning with "May I....".

Then something changed.

Parents started to buy online. In bulk.

This brought change in the way I could dole out pleasantries.

Whereas before I'd give an extra sticker for good behavior, or withheld one as a way to discipline a cheeky student; suddenly children would say "No need, thank you. I have many stickers at home."

In fact, children as young as 6 years old, would now refuse stickers, stamps, or even candy.

In my opinion, a little of the charm of old-fashioned teaching was lost.

I understand hard-working parents try and keep their children happy to make up for all the parent-child time they lose, but I don't think this is the way.

Merely giving children anything they want, will make for spoiled adults. Going into detail on that would require a new blog post, so I won't do that here, but I think this is already resonating in society.

I also did not go with the trend to bring an IPad or a similar device to classes, to placate the children. most kids have one at home anyway, and it's not what the parents pay for.

Private tuition is expensive, and so I feel I must put in the effort, not leave it to some device.

Old-fashioned drawing, interactive (not digital!) worksheets, lots of games, conversation, and help with writing, reading, etc.

That's teaching.

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