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Competitiveness 2

Today I was sitting in a fast food restaurant (yes I know, calories and empty carbs).

A girl of around 10 years of age was crying in her mother's arms. She had gotten (only) 93 marks on her English Listening Exam.

Her mother was nothing but supportive, and apologetically smiled at me, so I knew it wasn't her doing....

If my broken Cantonese served me right, I came to understand it was her father who instigated it.

I simply don't understand why parents would put this kind of pressure on their children.

Do they not see they're ruining their sprouts for life?

That it will probably take therapy and a few break-downs before these pressured-for-life, anxiety-facing kids can grow up entirely.

Before this turns into a rant, I'd like to point out that I'm very familiar with the various school systems around Hong Kong, and the "need" to stand out.

Read below why young people are so eager to stand out and make a good living.

Yet, most millennials shall live with their parents until their thirties.

Property is too expensive and you simply can't save when you have a meager salary and live in over-priced property.


Still not an excuse to goad your children on in this way. I am adamant about that.

#Competitiveness #Confidence #teaching #ESL #Teaching #Education

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