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Passions and Peeves.

I remember correcting my father's grammar once as a child. That would've been okay, were it not that he was giving a presentation at school. 

Of course I should have known then and there that I'd come to love correcting children and adults alike.

I left school early, at the age of 17. I was bored with learning, and wanted to work with my hands.

Not long after that also became a bore, and I went back to studying.

After a long career in Security and Government jobs I moved to Hong Kong, and found a teaching job.

I soon found out I wanted to put much energy in teaching, and this didn't always work out. I wanted to improve my skills, did some courses, and tried to teach as many different ages and levels as possible, in order to get optimal experience.

When I still found I missed something, I finally ended up studying up on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This has greatly improved my skills as a teacher, storyteller, but also as a person.

I continuously try to improve myself, and one addition in class my students have seen lately, is a ukulele.

I studied Religious Philosophy, and continually take courses to improve on my skills and knowledge.

Lack of time is my biggest issue; as my passions include illustrating, writing poetry, playing music, reading, and now this new thing: Blogging.

Never stop learning, and try to make slight improvements at least weekly.

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